Bowls from Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

The past ten years I have turned close to a thousand bowls from the trees at Monticello, the most excellent being those from the magnificent tulip poplars that flanked the great house.  I plan to put up a gallery of the best, starting with the first Tulip Poplar I that was taken down in 2008, continuing with the Sugar Maple that blew down in 2011, and then the Tulip Poplar II that was taken down later that year.  That gallery is in process at the moment.

Almost all of those bowls are sold.  You may call the Monticello Museum Shop at 434-984-0940 to see what they might have in stock, or consult the Monticello Online Shop for all the handcrafted items now available.  My pieces are scattered amongst the mix.  There are numerous bowls and other turned items availble from various significant trees from the Monticello estate, created by a number of excellent local artisans.

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